1. Always store chemicals in their original containers and out of reach
    of children, on a high shelf or in a locked cabinet.
  2. Gas grills often are stored with their propane tanks. Propane is highly combustible, and if it leaks, it
    could easily cause an explosion. Anything with propane should not be stored in the house.
  3. Kids’ toys should not be kept near chemicals and they should be up off the floor. However, they should not
    be stored too high so that the kids can still access them easily. Use or stockers or bins for small toys and
  4. A seemingly logical way to store a ladder is to lean it against the wall, but it can
    actually be a hazard as it can tip over very easily, injuring a loved one. Lean it against the wall
    horizontally at floor level, or, even better, store it on hooks.
  5. Gardening tools should be stored vertically on secure hooks attached to the walls.


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