Rule 1: Containers are NOT Impulse Buys!

  • Don’t buy a storage container because it is cute or is on sale or buy
    more than needed because it’s a few cents cheaper by buying in bulk.
  • Storage containers would be creating more clutter instead of helping to organise the room if you buy
    storage containers before you figure out a use for it.

In short, storage containers should be planned purchases based on your need for them.

Rule 2: Don’t Buy Storage Containers to Enable Your Packrat Gene!

If you tend to keep everything whether you need it or not, buying containers for storage will not make you more
organized. Buying containers for your junk increases the value of the junk in your mind as subconsciously, you feel
like it now belongs in your home because it has a place to go.

Before you buy a container for items, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will this container be a “temporary home” for things you will sort through and put or throw away later?
  • If the container will be a long term or permanent home for items, do you love and/or use the items on a
    regular basis? If you no longer use the items such as outgrown clothes, sell them or donate them so someone
    else can use them and you can reclaim your space!
  • Is the container for items that belong in the trash (be honest!)?
  • If there is a recipe or craft idea that you want, cut it out and throw out the rest of the magazine.
  • If you are buying a storage container or basket to store old issues, ask yourself: Do you really go back
    and read old magazines?
  • If there’s an article about heart disease that you wanted to look at again in the future, you can find the
    information online.

Rule 3: Not Using Containers for Decor

The last thing you need to worry about is putting your stuff in some cute container. Refilling and cleaning the
containers becomes an extra step to do. The point of organization is to save you time and effort, not create work
that takes more time and effort.

In short, keep things in their original containers, especially if the containers can be resealed that makes it
easier to dispense the items.

Rule 4: Using Wicker Baskets on Shelves only when necessary

  • Putting lined baskets on shelves just to improve the look of your shelves is a waste of time and money and
    they keeps you from easily seeing what’s on the shelves.
  • If you use a closet with shelves instead of a dresser with drawers, lined baskets can be used to store
    items that don’t easily stack when they are folded like undergarments, socks, scarves, and belts.
  • Rolled towels in baskets look nice in the guest bathroom, but they aren’t necessary in your closet. Baskets
    are not needed for sweaters, T-shirts, etc. They just take up space.


Remember, any storage rack or rack is meant to help you organise your life, not
mess up your life!

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